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Marilyn Horne
Luciano Pavarotti (d)
Leontyne Price
Shirley Verrett (d)

Student Advisor

Tessa L. Martin

MacClurg Vivian

Vice President Thomas Green

Molly Wanzenried

      J.P. Gleason

Board of Directors

Kearstin Piper Brown
Rose Diaz
Hon. Sandra Frankel
Todd Gustafson
Tracy Larkins-Hobbs
Josephine M. Perini
Dorthea King-Simpson
Robert Small
Gerry Szymanski
Eric Townell


Joe Anderson

Katherin Cobbett

Rodney Hargrave

Edward McFarland

Mary Lou Mees 

Michael Warfield

Thomas F. Warfield


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About the Scholarship Fund
The William Warfield Scholarship Fund was formed in 1977 to provide financial aid to talented and deserving students who attend the Eastman School of Music. Applicants must be students of voice, and although not required, preferably from families of modest means. The Scholarship Fund encourages minority students to apply. Students must also maintain at least a "B" grade point average.  

Our Mission

  • Providing financial means for students to attain success in the field of vocal music. (Very often it is lack of money that stands between a talented student's hopes for success and the realization of his/her dream)
  • Spreading the William Warfield success story, which demonstrated that those who pursue their education with commitment can succeed and achieve their goals.
  • The Fund earnestly solicits donations from the community of Rochester, the home town of it's namesake, as well as nationally and internationally. The scholarship fund is staffed by volunteers and has no paid personnel.  Donors are assured each gift has a direct and positive impact in a student's career and future success.
The William Warfield Scholarship Fund, Inc. is dedicated to:

The Fund is incorporated and registered under the Internal Revenue Code. A copy of the latest annual report tiled with the Secretary of State may be obtained from the William Warfield Scholarship Fund, Inc. by writing to P. 0. Box 31992 Rochester, New York, 14603. 

The William Warfield Scholarship Fund gratefully accepts tax-deductible contributions. 
Please send all contributions to: 

The William Warfield Scholarship Fund,Inc.

P.O. Box 31992

Rochester, New York 14603